Benefit from peace of mind by not having to carry cash. So, to appreciate how you can withdraw cash devoid of a debit card through ATM as a result of using Net banking facility, you basic to understand the key points mentioned below.

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After that, if the transaction gets cancelled before expired, this service charges levied bidding not be refunded to the sender's account. And by entering the alike code at the selected SBI ATMs, the beneficiary can withdraw whole quantity in a single transaction without using a debit card. Restaurant Use your debit card to pay for banquet at your favourite restaurants. You bidding receive a 6-digit reference number, which you need to enter at the nearest SBI ATM within the age limit of 30 minutes to absolute the cash withdrawal.

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Updated: Apr 12, , If you do not do this within 30 minutes, the reference code will breathe your last. These persons are referred to at the same time as 'beneficiaries' of the transfer. Now, even if this is a convenient service, it has its limitations. The service consists of two-factor authentication. With the Accepted Chartered 'Visa debit Card' you acquire the convenience of making purchases before withdrawing cash wherever Visa is acknowledged.

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Ahead of using this service, you need en route for log in into your Net banking account, go to your savings balance and add names, mobile numbers of the person s you may absence to transfer money to via this cardless cash withdrawal service. Updated: Apr 12, You need to share your 4-digit code with the beneficiary. Can't find an answer to your question? Once the authentication is done effectively, the amount as entered by you will get debited from the array.


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