Abuse this campaign type to grow the top of your marketing funnel all the rage a creative way for your addressee. You can even use geolocation targeting to limit your giveaway s en route for a specific location.

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When will I get my digital spin wheel?

Absence some inspiration? The left side is where to place a wheel. You can share in the following ways: With the direct link to the promotion. To test the functional conscription process of the promotion, you bidding have to activate it. Add the On Click event and Go Accelerate action with a one-slide jump.

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How to enter.

Upload a special background image for the prize wheel page. This view gives you Slide Masters and the Decrease Master tab with many useful commands. This new section can be adjust up in two different ways: Additional page, for example, to present after that explain the prizes of the advancement. For instance, you can select who can win, what are their chances of winning, change the text arrange the wheel, and which coupon cipher should appear. Step 4. Do you want this prize to be a promotional code? Competition winner must be available for the entirety of the 17th of December

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ActivePresenter Pro

This automatically copies the URL for you to share. Just insert text-based objects. Please keep in mind that altogether comments are moderated according to our privacy policyand all links are nofollow. Also, execute some JavaScript when the slide starts and when learners allocate a correct or an incorrect come back with. Step 3: In the TimelinePulse timeline, add the Pulse emphasis effect en route for a star object. How Spin en route for Win works: Using whatever targeting criteria you would like e.

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