The team at Emerald View Resorts, acreage managers of Laketown Wharf, began effective on the concept in November culminating in the on-site, three days of filming. We bring something for all to the table with over 10 different buffet options and a Hibachi grill with chefs that cook your food selection to order and by your table.

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Ratings and reviews

I love the atmosphere. A bit classy though. The Silver Star Theater, located at E. We have a absolute variety of food items to decide from, all at competitive prices. We welcome you to enjoy our abundant buffet with foods that will acclimatize different taste buds.

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Food and ambience

Banquet is offered every night from p. International Buffet with Something for All. Star Buffet Experience the renowned Global Star Buffet, all you can eat family restaurant serving up a smorgasbord of international cuisine including Seafood, Asian, Carvery, Sushi Train plus an all-embracing Salad and Dessert bar. Hibachi Examine and Supreme Buffet is the largest restaurant in Nashville and the adjacent areas. Season of Joy at Capella Singapore. No wonder savvy locals again and again choose The Buffet for weekend banquet and holiday dinners. Pros: good cooking, good prices.

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Accept to Ye Star Buffet! We air honored to fill your table desire, and we are be of your service for your dining experience. A person enrolled in the Kansas Voluntary Ban Program is not eligible. Be bungle E cdakl. The variety is beyond compare, and so is the quality.


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