A combination of 3 stars will allocate you 10 free spins where the wizard shows you some real ability.

Crystal Gems Slot - 804534

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I therefore assume that the maximal accomplish is a combination where the crowns are paid on 2 paylines by the same time. Big Bets are normally played on a lower anticipate per line than normal spins after that have an advantage that gives you more frequent bonuses or extra symbols, but as far as I be able to see there's nothing special given arrange this slot, and the bet amount equals to the same as the normal spins. Free spins: The at no cost spins are triggered by a ashen star on reel number 1, 3 and 5. The top paying badge on Crown Gems is the crowns, but even though they are showed as stacked on the first cylinder when the game is launched, I still haven't seen them stacked 3 after each other during any angle. Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Crystal Gems Slot - 357599

Compound wins can be won within the same game round, and there's a multiplier on top of the barrier that will increase for each following win. I therefore assume that the maximal win is a combination anywhere the crowns are paid on 2 paylines at the same time. The game has dropping symbols, this agency that for each winning combination you get, those symbols will disappear after that be replaced by new symbols which drops down from the top of the slot machine. There's also a free spin feature where the wizard shows us his magic!


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