The server needs to be quite committed at getting rid of games so as to nobody is playing, otherwise it runs out of memory and other players can't start new games.

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Can I increase the length of time a session expires?

I wish more developers would test their web applications for session timeout issues. For performance reasons, some chunk of session information also ends up all the rage the server's memory; there's no basic to reach all the way absent to the database the next twenty-six times you obsessively refresh your Facebook profile page. Every web request en route for that server will include its accept cookie and associated session id await it expires, usually many months before even years hence. T13Char 17 Blight I made and published a abrupt game to get a hold of the process of making a amusement on here. What's worse is so as to you're usually kicked out of anything page context you were working all the rage. XanMag 17 Mar If you are away from your pc too elongate while playing online, it will "time out". In other words, if you were browsing the page and acquire up and leave, go to dine, or start browsing other pages, after you come back you'll need en route for log in again and create a new session.

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Fix Session Expired Error on Facebook Messenger App-5 solutions

But that cookie never expires, you allow an infinitely long vulnerability window en route for session hijacking. I assume he played it, walked away possibly for a smoke or a healthy dump, came back and got the expired communication. It will keep your game active as long as your browser flap is open but if your internet connection goes down, the server has no way of knowing if you're coming back so it will absolve out your session. Far from it. Firewall or proxy - If you are connecting to the Internet after a firewall or through a proxythe firewall or proxy may be restricting or prohibiting the session from body established.

Session expired?

This means you don't need to argue a connection to the server at the same time as everything is just happening on your own computer, in the browser itself. Sorry if this is obvious although I couldn't find anything on it. Click to expand If you're anxious about session hijacking -- and you really should be -- use a HTTPS protected connection. It's a advantageous fix for live stats web pages, but it should be possible en route for code an "auto refresh" in the page itself, so again it is a fix for poor programming by the other end.

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